Radio/Electronics Workshop Projects


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The First Year:

  1. Setup a RTL-SDR dongle receiver – (link)
  2. 2-meter portable J-pole antennas (see below)
  3. 70-cm yagi antenna (see below)
  4. Make a printed circuit board – (link)
  5. Build a simple variable D.C. power supply (see below)
  6. Build a Sawdust super regen receiver – (video)

Project to be group built listing:

The Second Year:

  1. Print a few Solder Fingers – stuff by mistertech
  2. Build a 5W CW transceiver kit – by QRP Labs
  3. Print a few Parametric PowerPole Stackable Breakout Box – stuff
  4. Build a Freq Counter – stuff
  5. Build a CPO and Audio Amp – stuff
  6. Build a Bitx-40 SSB transceiver – stuff


  1. The FamiLab Electronics Bench wiki entry.
  2. Software Listing
  3. List of tutorials for basic electronics and radio designs.
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